Your own beef - from field to plate

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Custom Butchering & Emergency Slaughtering

We are specialized in custom butchering in a wide range of animals; however, we mostly do beef, pork and sheep/lamb. It is our aim to make it a quick and stress-free process for both the animal(s) and the owners. In our newly renovated facility, we are very well setup for handling custom orders. Custom is the key word and in order to live up to that we have created an extensive cut list for different types of animals for you to pick and choose from. Don’t see what you want on the list? No problem. Let us know and we will try to deliver on any special requests.

When possible, we also do emergency slaughtering. The availability of this depends on cooler space and if we have time to do it that day. However, feel free to give us a call to see if we can help you out.
With the use of our picker truck, the on-site slaughtering is quick and easy. Most of the times we do not require any help, whether that is help through equipment or manpower. This saves the customer time and money .